Let's wrap up the AngryCats White Label Sample App by adding the features we need to the Xamarin App and build it.

Full source code for this sample is available at

We'll focus here on what is required to get the AngryCats White Label Sample App building with all our Build Configurations for each of the projects

  • Core PCL Library
  • iOS 
  • Droid

Each project needs TheAppsPajamas NuGet Package package added, including the Core PCL Library. Please see the Getting Started NuGet Documentation for more information.


We recommend you move the tap-security.json and tap-settings.json files to the root of your Solution

For the Core PCL Library Project

  • Bring in the NSwag generated ApiClient.cs 
  • Create an ApiEndPointSettings.cs constants file to manage the API Endpoint
  • Implement a PrepareApiRequest.cs partial to provide headers with authentication to the API

For the iOS Project

  • Create an interface with Interface Builder to present the data
  • Load the API data from a ViewController, and present it to the UI with a TableSource

For the Droid Project

  • Create a SplashActivity to present a Splash screen during loading
  • Create the RecyclerView layouts to present the data to the UI
  • Add a RecyclerView and an Adapter to the MainActivity.cs

Congratulations you've now built your first White Label App with TheAppsPajamas!