Configuring constants files with the File Exchange feature is by far the best option

To get started

  • Create a folder set for Bear in the Library Project 
  • Create an ApiAccountSettings file in the TheAppsPajamas.White/TapAssets/Bear folder


Repeat this process for the remaining Build Configs.

Note that because we supply the same configuration constants for BearRelease and BearDebug Build Configs we don't need to create constants for each individual configuration, just a parent app config.

  • Blue
  • Fluffy
  • Test
White Label File Exchange Project

Next switch to TheAppsPajamas Dashboard

  • Click BearRelease on the File exchange navigation
  • Click Add icon to create your first File exchange
White Label BearRelease FileExchange Add New
  • The File exchange description field is only a descriptor, so use ApiAccountSettings
  • For Source file path use ./TapAssets/Bear/ApiAccountSettings.cs
  • For Destination file path use ./Constants/ApiAccountSettings.cs
  • For Destination file build action select Compile
  • Click Save
White Label BearRelease FileExchange Settings
  • For paths you can use forward slashes or backslashes and they will be converted to the correct format for Windows or Mac
  • You can tree walk up your project structure if you need files from outside your project
When you click BearDebug you will see that the Inheritance feature is used so that BearDebug recieves the correct configuration automatically.
White Label BearDebug FileExchange Inheritance Settings

When you save a File exchange record will be created using this data in all of your other Build configs but it will be Disabled until you configure it.

Next configure BlueRelease 

  • Click BlueRelease on the File exchange navigation
  • Uncheck Disabled
  • Change Source file path to ./TapAssets/Blue/ApiAccountSettings.cs
  • Click Save
White Label BlueRelease FileExchange Settings

Repeat this process for the remaining Build Configs

  • FluffyRelease
  • Release

You can use the File exchange feature to swap any type of file in any of your projects

Examples include:

  • Droid Resources
    • axml layout files
    • drawables
    • xml value files, colors, languages, styles
    • fonts
  • iOS Storyboards
    • Images
    • Fonts
    • Entitlements.plist
  • Library
    • Code files
    • Appsettings.json files

The possibilities are endless