Building White Labels Apps with Xamarin and TheAppsPajamas is easy.

In this section we will extend on the techniques used earlier to build the Easy Sample App and the More Sample App

We will create a more - real world - sample app. It is intended to be a set of companion apps for a fictional game called AngryCats. These companion apps are intended to be part of a marketing campaign for the game, and will provide detailed information, and statistics about the AngryCats game characters.

  • Each app will be standalone and provide information about a particular game character, encouraging users to download the app off their favourite character and follow them.
  • The apps will communicate with a simple REST API to provide the character related information. 
  • We will use the File Exchange feature to alter the code base at build time, changing the connection to the REST API to use a different username / password to retrieve information about the particular character.

We will initially create three apps, for three different characters, and you will see how easy it is to simply add another character to the same code base

  • Bear
  • Blue
  • Fluffy

Full source code for this sample is available at 

You can try the sample app by connecting to Test Drive TheAppsPajamas Dashboard