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Create Easy Sample app

Name the Tap App TheAppsPajamas.Easy or the same name as your Xamarin / Visual Studio Solution.


The solution name doesn't have to match, but for consistency we recommend using the same name as your solution, perhaps with a - or . extension if you're using multiple Tap Apps to test against a single Xamarin / Visual Studio Solution.

Name your iOS project TheAppsPajamas.More.iOS or with exactly the same name as your Xamarin / Visual Studio Project, and do the same for your Droid project, i.e. TheAppsPajamas.More.Droid

The project names must match exactly. If they don't the TheAppsPajamas NuGet Package won't be able to find your project in the TheAppsPajamas Asset Catalogue. If you name them incorrectly you'll see an error message in the Xamarin / Visual Studio build log.

Select the owner of the Tap App, click the save icon, and after the app is created, it will navigate to the TheAppsPajamas Dashboard.

TheAppsPajamas App Dashboard