TheAppsPajamas will download your assets when you click Build from Xamarin / Visual Studio for the current Build Configuration

During the build process TheAppsPajamas will then place the correct assets in the appropriate locations for iOS & Droid.


You can't change the assets in your TapAssets folders, they'll be overwritten by TheAppsPajamas NuGet during the next build. We provide them in the project structure so you have visibility of the assets in your project.

Only the assets required for the current Build Configuration get included in the build by Xamarin / Visual Studio so your packages never includes any unwanted assets.

To change assets, upload them to TheAppsPajamas dashboard, and they will be automatically included during your next build.

During the build process we only contact  TheAppsPajamas API for a single JSON asset payload file, and we then browse the file system for changes, only downloading any files if they have changed. This keeps the build process very fast.

Select Build from the Xamarin / Visual Studio menu. The solution will build, reload your projects with TheAppsPajamas Asset Catalogue and your project will look like this.

Xamarin built solution

Congratulations you've now built your first app with TheAppsPajamas!

Now you're ready to see the power of using TheAppsPajamas to do more advanced options or white label your app