At TheAppsPajamas we're all about Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery, and our Asset Delivery Platform is designed to integrate easily with any CI/CD service provider.

The logic of our Asset Delivery Engine is contained within your Xamarin Project by our NuGet package and uses MSBuild and Http to communicate between your project and the TheAppsPajamas Asset Delivery Platform, keeping it platform agnostic.

The key requirement for TheAppsPajamas to work with your CI/CD provider is to supply a Service Account Key to the pipeline during build, as this Service Account Key should never be stored in your git repository.

Refer to our Teams documentation for details on how to add a Service Account Key to your account, and project.

We have a Bitrise Step and an Azure Pipelines Task available to integrate with your CI/CD platform of choice.


We recommend you create a Build Pipeline per Build Configuration that you want to develop & test using your CI/CD platform.